The universal force of attraction that tend to attract between the different matters. Gravitation tends to be the natural phenomenon in the world. According to which all the substances that carry a specific mass and heavy amount of energy seems to be attracted toward or gravitated toward each other. On the earth surface the gravity causes the attraction of physical objects while on the moon surface the ocean tides are build due to the attraction between the moon and the earth. Physical objects that are of certain magnitude and a heavy amount of energy are gravitated on the earth and the force of attraction exists between them. Formation of the stars to build up the galaxies is due to the gravitation between the gaseous matters. Many of the large scale structures are formed because of the gravitation in the universe. Different stars are attracted toward each other in order to form galaxies that is the result of the gravitational force that exist between the stars. The force of gravitation becomes weaker with the distance increasing between the two objects. >CLICK HERE FOR BIO PHYSIC

Theory of relativity

In order to define the gravity in an accurate pattern we must account the theory of relativity by Albert Einstein. He has described the gravity as in response to the movement of different objects and masses in curved lines. He has not described the gravity as force acting between the objects of particular mass and energy. He lays focus on the attraction of the masses and objects due to the uneven distribution of the masses and objects. They are attracted due to the action of any force but due to the uneven distribution. The most accurate example of his phenomena and the theory is the example of creation of black hole. No object heavier or lighter can escape from the curve of the black hole if the objects are getting pass from the horizon of black hole. Even the light cannot escape from the black hole. All the objects have to face the relativity because of the uneven distribution in the horizon.

Newton’s law of universal gravitation

In most cases to understand the application of the gravitation we have to make an account of the Newton’s law of gravitation that is considered the universal law for measuring relativity and gravitation between different objects of magnitude and certain amount of energy. The Newton’s law purposes the gravitation as an infinite force between the two objects or bodies with certain magnitude and energy that seems to be proportional to the mass of the object and the distance between the two objects. As the objects of certain magnitude came closer to each other they start attracting each other due to the gravitation that exists between them. And if the objects are placed farther away from each other the force of gravitation became weaker because of the distance between the two heavy or massy objects.

Difference between the gravity and the gravitation

The general perception relates the two concepts of gravity and the gravitation as the same and to be one concept. But these concepts are totally di9fferent from each other.  Gravitation is the concept about the force of attraction that exists between the two bodies or objects that are relatively placed near to each other. Gravity is the force of attraction that is acting upon between the earth surface and the object placed relatively near to the surface of the earth. Gravitational force exists as the natural phenomenon that causes the objects to rotate or move from their surface due to the attraction between them. Gravitation plays a vital role in the formation of universal order. Every object of the world rotates or moves due to the presence of some force in the world. If we are walking on the earth it is due to the presence of the force between the earth and our body. The force helps us to move on the earth surface. The force of gravitation some tomes seems to be acting as repressing force between different objects placed on the distant positions. Gravity is the necessary phenomena for the proper sustain in life and the atmosphere around. Different objects in the universe are placed at distant places that are necessary for the sustaining life and its different matters. Stars and sun are placed on their distant places in the universe according to the force of gravitation between them. If there is no force of gravitation to act upon the objects that are placed on distant places they will be no longer placed at their same position. There will be great integration in the world order and it can result in extinction of life. Different objects will collapse and the life cannot survive on the earth without the force of attraction between the different objects.

Development of gravitational theory and early concepts

Newton believed that the free fall of the object and the movement of the two objects or bodies is determined by the same acting force that is responsible for the gravitation. The classical concept of gravitation is different from the modern concept offered by different philosophers. They believe that the fall of the object and the rotation or moving of the two objects is not affected by the force of the gravitation. Aristotle made his opinion different from the other philosophers and believes that the different bodies are caused to move or rotate according to the natural concept of the earth. He believes that the motion of the bodies is not affected by any kind of external force or object. Galileo Galilee made different arguments about the idea of gravitation. He gave his views about the natural motion of the objects and the motion caused by some of the external force that is going to act upon the bodies are objects that move due to the external force. He has gave his view point that the natural bodies of the earth that are not affected by any kind of the universal force cannot stop their motion because of any force. The objects rotate or move with the same speed.>CLICK HERE FOR BIO PHYSIC


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