Computer and its parts, pc parts| pc component| computer component|

Computer and its parts, pc parts| pc component| computer component

Computer and its parts, pc parts| pc component| computer component|

Computer and its parts or pc parts

In this article we will discuss Computer and its parts, pc parts, pc component and computer component. An electronic device that is capable of processing, storing and retrieving data. It has the ability to perform logical functions. It carries out different functions automatically. Computer performs these automatic functions with the help of built-in series of commands that is referred as software of the computer.  Now we are living in the age of technology and everyone is in need of immediate help from some external agents. Technological inventions have opened a new gate for new opportunities in this world. Every hand is dependent on such technological advancement in order to make his life more mobile and remote. Charles Babbage is credited for making first mechanical computer. He assembled the functions of this technological invention and titled it as ‘’difference engine’’. It was designed to inputnumbers and memory and a responsive mechanism to present output from that provided information. This machine was weighted four tons by its dimensions and magnitude. It produced output on a table attached to it.

Modern computers

In the early 2oth century it was demand of the time to introduce a unified theory by scientist to invent an electronic gadget to process, record and analyze the information in a more unified way. The main focus of the theory was to build a general purpose computer. Suggestions were put forth in order to present the proper functioning of the purposed computers. A turning machine was built to carry the arithmetic operations and mathematical computation in order to conceive and present the output. It was designed with limited capacity of storing instructions and capable of reading and analyzing data.  Babbage introduced a new kind of prototype computer after confronting failure in designing a difference engine. In 1847 he designed second version of his difference engine in order to process and analyze in a more refined way. Analytical engine was presented to perform arithmetic functions by Charles Babbage. It involved gears and punched cards to give output of this mechanism. This concept was a key mate in production of modern computers. The earlier struggle to find a analytical device led to the invention of modern computers. In 1940s at Harvard a machine by Babbage was found to be survived. Howard Aiken was inspired to be innovative by finding such analytical devices. He tried to collect and store data with the help of purchased cards in order to achieve systematic functions. Binary number system by George Boole was proved to be great innovation in the field of technology. It was processed to analyze Mathematical operations in the 19th century. In 1860 Herman Hollerith led the foundation of a great company International Business Machines (IBM) which was later identified as largest computer company.

Parts of a computer or pc parts

A computer is device that receives information from a external source in order to analyze and process the information in a systematic way. Information is carried out through an input device in the computing system. A computer has different component which operates different functions.

A mother board

Computer and its parts, pc parts| pc component| computer component

All computers their own distinctive designs but the main components of a computer are thus attached to central motherboard in order process information and data. All the components are linked to each other to different places in the motherboard. These are enclosed in a protective case unit in different designs. All the parts are intended to make communicate with the help of a circuit and thus information is provided to other parts of the computers. Input and output devices are plugged in to this part of the computer.

A central processing unit (CPU)

CPU is often characterized as the brain of the computer to collect and analyze the information provided to the computer. It follows the instructions to proceed further. It inputs, stores and presents the output result after analyzing data. It is responsible for correct forwarding and management of data provided to it. Sensor nodes are managed through this part.

Computer and its parts or pc parts :A central processing unit

A Graphic processing unit (GPU)

GPU processes data simultaneously in order to perform parallel functions. GPU are best known for their excellence in gaming. They are identified as a source of creative production and artificial intelligence. GPU is responsible to create 3D and more refined visual effects in a computing system. GPU is considered as the creative side in a computing system in order to accelerate the functioning of a computer.

Computer and its parts or pc parts Fictitious microprocessor – Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) model with GPU text.Similar images:

Random access memory (RAM)

RAM is used to store data and mechanic codes and to determine the proper performance of the computer. RAM is responsible for storing and memorizing data when it is required. It can read and change the performance of computing system. Information that is stored in the computer can be easily accessed by RAM. It is based on the amount of memory and the capacity to store information in order to proceeded and analyze. With the dawn of modern computers there is seen evolution and variety in the use of RAM. It is regarded as component device to store information in the motherboard of the computer. If you install high amount of RAM in computer system it will increase the capacity and performance of computer. RAM is responsible for browsing internet and loading applications. It also initiates the process of editing a spreadsheet.

Computer and its parts or pc parts : Computer RAM chip on isolated white background.

Storage: solid state derive (SSD)

It is a type of secondary device that is used to accumulate personal data and information. It is responsible for storage of operating system information such as frame works and different codes. This frame work will boot up and operate the system in a computer. It relates to the hard disk in its functionality and performance. Data is retained on the hard memory chips that are connected to drive. Traditional hard disks are now replaced by the use of SSD drives in the computing system. It enhances the significance of the computer by flash based memory. It is more reliable than the conventional devices that were having no moving components. Data is stored persistently with the help of integrated circuit. These are more resistant in their nature to physical shock. It is used to store videos, pictures, documents and personal data. 

Computer and its parts or pc parts: Solid state derive.

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