Basic Make up Kit

Basic Make up Kit

Basic Make up Kit

Basic make up kit

Make up is a kind of adoration used by the women in order to make their face attractive and glorifying. Make up items were used by the women from the pre-historic times. But with the advancement in the modern era the make-up techniques and items have also became advance. Make up industry had made remarkable progress in the last two decade. Now the make-up products are easily available and are prepared at local level in any country. Different organic compounds are used to synthesize the make up items. Basic make up kit is composed of primer, face powder, compact powder and the eye shadows.


Foundation is the first beauty item in order to glorify your face in the make-up kit. It is applied in the form of the liquid or powder in order to achieve uneven tone on the face. It will be used to create the balanced complexion on the face. It will be used some time to cover the natural flaws of the face and to change the natural skin tone of the face on which it is applied.

Basic Make up Kit Travel set of decorative cosmetic products like lipstick and nail polish with micellar water for summer.


Dark circles are the ugly aspect in making a skin brighter. In order to conceal the dark circles around the eyes the CONCEALER is used. It will do the action of masking the circles around the eyes while doing a make-up. Large spots and the age spots are also concealed with this CONCEALER on your face. It is the cosmetic similar to the foundation to hide the face flaws. The CONCELER is thicker than the foundation and is used before foundation on the face,

neutral brown eye shadow palette on white background. Female decorative cosmetics. Close up

Face primer

It is applied on the skin like the foundation to create a canvas on the face and is used to get a better result of the make-up which is applied on the skin.


Blush or blusher is applied after you have done your basic foundation on the face to color or glorify the cheeks in different suitable colors according to your skin tone and complexion. It will add a flush of color on the cheeks when you apply it to the skin. When you apply blusher to the skin it will look more tan and sun-kissed. It will used to make the skin more glorifying.


Highlighter in the make-up kit is products that are available in the form of powder, liquid and to cream. In order to bring a glow on your skin during make-up a highlighter product is applied on your skin. They will bring a brighter tone on your skin and skin will be more radiant and glorified. Cheekbones on the face will be visible and prominent when you will apply highlighter on your skin complexion.


Bronzer is applied on your face in order to make your skin more tanned and skin-kissed. With the help of the bronzer skin will be more radiant and glorified. It will help you to show your skin more healthy.

Setting/spray powder

It is the last step when you are applying make-up on your face. It is used as a spray in order to make your make-up sustained and life longer.

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